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Lawson's Movie Blog
29th-Aug-2012 05:49 pm
I got so backlogged that I pretty much gave up being able to catch up, considering how the older movies have probably half-faded from memory by now.


I'd never gotten on the Twitter bandwagon because I didn't feel I had anything interesting to say that could fit into 140 characters. Most people don't. When I tried Following people years ago, their tweets were so inane that I just gave up on Twitter.

Recently though, I started watching a lot of Chelsea Lately and she has a lot of comedians on. I checked out some of their tweets and they're at least amusing, and so I started a Twitter account again and Followed a bunch of funny people. Most people are still tweeting inane stuff though.

Anyway, I still didn't feel like I had anything interesting to tweet about but then it came to me that it would be an interesting challenge to just tweet-review each movie I watch. It's perfect. I don't have to fight my ADD in sitting down and writing something of significant length but it's still a writing challenge because I have to fit what I want to say into 140 characters. Less, actually, seeing as how I #movie and put in its title too.

I was hoping I could get Livejournal to automatically transfer any tweet I make over here but it doesn't work for community sites. So, what I'll do is just copy and paste them over here in batches. #oldfashioned

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