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Lawson's Movie Blog
10th-Sep-2012 02:52 pm
#movie ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld2010 Sometimes quirky cute; sometimes overly cutesy. I was more into Kieran Culkin's gay BFF. Spin-off please!7

#movie Prometheus2012 Not quite as iconic as Alien/Aliens and feels like it's trying too hard to be epic. A grand adventure nonetheless. 10

#movie NarutoShippuden:BloodPrison2011 There is never enough action for me but at least this feels like a movie rather than a bunch of eps.7

#movie TheAvengers2012 Joss Whedon can do no wrong. Great mix of action and Whedonesque humor. Feels a bit dumbed down but still awesome. 10

#movie AsylumBlackout2011 Good production values for a budget horror but unexceptional in story and scares. 5

#movie TheOtherGuys2010 Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are pretty good but the comedy is uneven and alternated between funny and grating. 6

#movie It'sAGreatFeeling1949 A Doris Day musical-com with a cute premise and many cameos. Not that funny but quite charming, as is Day. 8

#movie TheDayOfTheBeast1995 A Spanish cult horror that feels inspired by Argento, etc. Not a fan of either but it's quite engaging somehow.6

#movie DeathAtAFuneral2010 Same yet so different from the 2007 Brit production. Crasser, for better or worse. Peter Dinklage is the shizz.7

#movie TogetherAgain1944 Irene Dunne and Charles Coburn are delightful but the story's mediocre and Charles Boyer is a ham as usual. 5

#movie Overheard22011 Same cast but no relation to the first. Also less interesting than the first as it's more like a rote triad thriller.5

#movie TheBrideWoreBoots1946 A tired rom-com about a mismatched couple that fails at the com. Barbara Stanwyck is lovely but can't save it.4

#movie Haywire2011 Always been a fan of girls kicking ass. The story 's boring but the action is awesome fight-porn. I wanted a lot more. 6

#movie MenInBlack32012 Josh Brolin as young Tommy Lee Jones was inspired; the rest of the movie, not so much. Still fun for fans though. 7

#movie TheCabinInTheWoods2011 Brilliant scifi-horror-fantasy-comedy as only Joss Whedon (with Drew Goddard) can write. Shades of Buffy. 10

#movie ThisMeansWar2012 Chelsea Handler, though slightly neutered, is the best part of this largely disposable rom-com. PS I'd choose Tom. 6

#movie TheCateredAffair1956 Grating characters make for an annoying movie but Bette Davis manages to make hers sympathetic, eventually. 6

#movie TheWeb1947 Unexceptional film-noir, though William Bendix is a scene-stealer (in his few scenes) as the crafty police detective. 6

#movie BodyguardsAndAssassins2009 A faux epic set around real Chinese history. Uneven and melodramatic but the actors and action are good. 6

#movie TheFlyingSwordsOfDragonGate2011 A pale remake of Tsui Hark's own DragonInn1992 with too much CGI-enhanced action. Pointlessly long. 4

#movie TheSorcererAndTheWhiteSnake2011 Old Chinese fairy tale retold with a ton of CGI. The story isn't better told but it sure is pretty. 7

#movie Shaolin2011 A little preachy but I found myself ultimately moved. Good action and actors except for the hammy white villain. 9

#movie WuXia2011 Remake of AHistoryOfViolence meets CSI. Good action choreography by Donnie Yen but not enough of it. Stupid final fight. 6

#movie OnceUponAHoneymoon1942 Set in WWII Germany, this Grant-Rogers romance-dramedy overreaches and comes across like Notorious-lite. 4
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